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Contextual advertisement (PPC, CPC, CPA)

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What is a contextual advertisement?

Contextual advertisement is the type of advertising that is displayed to the user in the search results. In simple language – you enter a query and the search system (Yandex, Google,, Rambler and others) produces relevant advertising offers and ranked results.

According to marketing research, 83% of successful companies use contextual advertising to increase their sales volumes, 20% of which use the entire advertising budget solely for contextual advertisement.

Recent trends point to a sharp increase in the contextual advertising market in the CIS in the near future.

Examples of contextual advertisementThe picture illustrate examples of the service «Contextual advertisement»

Who needs contextual advertisement

A huge number of people every second uses search engines to solve any problems: from solving everyday problems to writing a scientific dissertation. This completely reflects the high level of trust in search engines.

You need to pay attention to those who are looking for a particular product or service – contextual advertisement is exactly what you need.

The main feature of contextual advertisement is to attract the target audience, ready to buy your product or use the service, which will help to realize your marketing ideas in the shortest possible time.

Benefits of contextual advertisement

* Efficiency. The expected result is achieved through professional customization and continuous monitoring.

* Operativeness. Quick launch of advertising campaigns, the ability to make changes in real time.

* Audience. Huge coverage of the target audience using search engines every day.

* Cost. You pay only for specific users who searched and chose exactly your product or service.

* Reporting. The most detailed reports in any section: you will always know about the progress of the advertising campaign.

Why you should order a contextual advertisement from us

* Individual approach to each client

* Manually customize each campaign

* Each campaign will work on the result

* The proposal of optimal advertising strategies

* Relevant keyword matching

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