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Banner advertisement (media, teaser, CPM)

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What is a banner advertisement?

Media advertisement is an animated or static banner that demonstrates a unique offer to the user in the form of colorful graphics. Media advertisement is an analogue of the advertising prospectus on the internet.

According to statistics, 80% of people are dominated by the visual form of perception of information, which leaves in the memory what they saw in a month, which makes media advertisement one of the most powerful means of internet promotion. When you are seen, they will remember you. The rest is the matter of technology.

Examples of banner advertisementThe picture illustrate examples of the service «Медийная реклама»

Who needs banner advertisement

Every day in the world there are more than 20 000 sites that attract millions of users with interesting content. Most sites place ad units on their own resources, which creates a huge advertising space. Spectacular banners, teasers, audio, video advertising is a spectacular and unique way to submit yourself.

Using display advertising, you can display colorful and memorable content that will work for you.

Benefits of banner advertisement

* Efficiency. The expected result is achieved through professional customization and continuous monitoring.

* Operativeness. A large number of interested users on your resource in a short time.

* Audience. Broad audience reach, allowing you to increase interest in your product or brand.

* Visualization. Use of graphic materials, which allows you to hook on the emotional level.

* Reporting. Detailed statistics and the ability to analyze the advertising campaign.

Why you should order a banner advertisement from us

* Individual approach to each client

* Manually customize each campaign

* Each campaign will work on the result

* The proposal of optimal advertising strategies

* Relevant keyword matching

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