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Targeting advertisement (target, PPC, CPC)

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What is a targeting advertisement?

Targeting advertisement is a type of advertising that is demonstrated to a group of users with specific interests and other social attributes. Targeting advertisement has gained a new round of development due to the great popularity of social services.

Social networks have become firmly established in the everyday life of every internet user. Over the past two years, the number of users of social networks has grown by 60%, which at the moment makes the market of targeted advertising the most popular.

Examples of targeting advertisementThe picture illustrate examples of the service «Таргетинговая реклама»

Who needs targeting advertisement

Millions of users use social networks daily for entertainment, information retrieval, news reading and communication. This has become so common in everyday life that active users are ready to share their interests, hobbies, important life events. For business, this is the most flexible tool for creating targeted offers to target groups with specific qualities.

Targeting advertisement allows you to show your proposal to an exclusive target audience, which will allow your product or service to reach the end users with the greatest accuracy.

Benefits of targeting advertisement

* Efficiency. Advertisement will be shown where your target audience is striving.

* Operativeness. Operative communication with the target audience.

* Audience. Customers will become your friends.

* Accuracy. Selection of the target audience from the age to the favorite music.

* Trusted form. The audience perceives sentences for user-generated content.

Why you should order a targeting advertisement from us

* Individual approach to each client

* Manually customize each campaign

* Each campaign will work on the result

* The proposal of optimal advertising strategies

* Relevant keyword matching

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