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Copywriting, rewriting

AlterWEB – It is not enough to write a good text - it is important to breathe a meaning into it
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What is a copywriting or rewriting?

Copywriting and rewriting is a professional activity in writing presentation and effective texts, including the concepts of story-building.

Every visitor to your pages on the Internet visually scans all the information on them and only 28% go to a thorough study of the fragments you like, while the search engines read all 100% of the content and help you promote it in the future.

Examples of copywriting, rewritingThe picture illustrate examples of the service «Copywriting, rewriting»

Who needs copywriting or rewriting

Text is the most accurate tool for conveying meaning. For each specific goal, you need your own syllable, your own intonation, your size. The peculiarity of copywriting and rewriting for the Internet in compiling literate texts is not only for people, but also for search engines – this is called relevance

Just write the text for the pages of your site everyone can, and make it work for you – the skill of this author.

Benefits of a copywriting

* Uniqueness. For each goal, a specific text is compiled.

* Ranking. The text approved by the search engines will always be in the issuance above the competitors.

* Efficiency. Literate text will increase traffic.

* Easy to understand. Text written for people will be appreciated by users.

* Fresh content. New publications will force users to remember you.

Why you should order a copywriting from us

* Individual approach to each client

* We always check the text for uniqueness

* We observe not only spelling literacy, but also the semantic

* Writing text in the concepts of personal storytelling

* We support the author's spelling

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