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Corporate identity

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What is a corporate identity?

Corporate identity are attributes that form a visual image of business in the eyes of customers and employees. Corporate identity is expressed in corporate style attributes and is an essential element of the brand.

Numerous studies show that only 1 out of 2,807 companies do not pay any attention to the creation of a unique corporate identity. Such close attention of almost all organizations to corporate identity makes it the main tool for brand building and customer confidence.

Examples of corporate identityThe picture illustrate examples of the service «Corporate identity»

Who needs corporate identity

The image of the company is formed by its attributes: a logo, name, style of clothes, business cards of managers, style of a site and so on. All these elements allow you to stand out among the competitors – «make a name for yourself». Recognition is not the ultimate goal: corporate identity provides a guarantee of quality of service to customers, confidence in their future employees and trust from business partners.

Forming a brand book, you will create a solid foundation on which to build your own brand – confidence in the future.

Remember: first, you create the conditions for the development of the brand, and then the brand will be your main «breadwinner»!

Benefits of a corporate identity

* Memorability. Your company and products will be associatively remembered.

* Uniqueness. Your brand will give all products a sign of uniqueness.

* Expressiveness. You will stand out among your competitors.

* Branding. Corporate identity creates all brand attributes.

* Pithiness. Your brand and all its attributes will guarantee the level of service.

Why you should order a corporate identity from us

* Individual approach to each client

* It is important for us that our creativity meets your expectations

* Identity will meet the technical requirements

* Variants for clarity are formalized in a mini-presentation

* We always offer several concepts to choose from

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