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Promotional products in brand concepts

AlterWEB – We will create promotional products that will always silently remind all about your brand
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What is a promotional products?

Promotional products in the brand concepts are the development, printing and production of advertising information, presentation products in the brand style, for marketing campaigns, exhibitions and presentations, and for strengthening the internal corporate style.

The average number of interactions the company has with potential customers at the points of contact is 10 per day and half of them involve the transfer of information that forms and strengthens the brand. In days of carrying out of actions and exhibitions the quantity of contacts increases in 20 and more times.

Examples of promotional productsThe picture illustrate examples of the service «Promotional products»

Who needs promotional products

As everybody knows, they «buy with their eyes», which means that it is necessary to be on the business side to «sell for the eyes» – to create an aesthetic, memorable and pleasant look not only of the product, but also of promotional information and promotional products. The corresponding effect and mood will be remembered and at the right time guaranteed will work in your favor, not competitors.

In advertising products, there are no trifles - everything should be strictly thought out: from design to material!

Benefits of a promotional products

* Promotion. The brand of the company is promoted by a united front.

* Efficiency. Harmonious design forms and strengthens the brand.

* Recognition. Your corporate identity will start working for you.

* Credibility. Branded information is trusted by customers.

* Systematic. The content and attributes of the brand create a comprehensive impact.

Why you should order a promotional products from us

* We always offer several concepts to choose from

* Variants for clarity are formalized in a mini-presentation

* Individual approach to each client

* The result will correspond to the technical task

* We will find masters of unusual variants of marketing moves

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