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Effective naming

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What is an effective naming?

Naming is a professional activity in the name of the formation of companies, goods and services, as an integral part of developing and strengthening the brand's position. Naming is the most important part of the promotion strategy, on which the advertising campaign is built.

Investing in a brand, one of the most important elements of which is naming, is the most reasonable investment in business. As shown by independent researches, which are carried out by large retailers with the help of Eye tracking technology: the most effective and harmonious name makes longer to hold a glance at the goods for further study. And the probability of choosing this particular product from all competitors averages 54.9%.

Examples of effective namingThe picture illustrate examples of the service «Effective naming»

Who needs effective naming

In order to become a market participant, you need to identify yourself and the products that will be represented on it. And everyone knows: «As a ship you will name, so it will float». And it's up to you that it will be: a small canoe that can not withstand waves from other ships, much less a storm that can forever complete the voyage. Or a majestic frigate that can set the course, defeat other ships and survive any storm.

To gain a foothold in the subconscious of consumers and profitably differ from competitors – that's the goal of an effective and harmonious name!

Benefits of an effective naming

* Expressiveness. Sound and harmonious name will create a first impression.

* Uniqueness. Your name and product will be remembered.

* Systematic. Complex naming will create all the attributes of the brand.

* Promotion. Associative title goods are easier to advertise.

* Efficiency. The result of naming immediately begins to work.

Why you should order an effective naming from us

* All options will be free for use

* We always offer a few good titles to choose from

* Individual approach to each client

* It is important for us that our creativity meets your expectations

* The name is accompanied by a legend, a slogan and a logo

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