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What is a business card site?

A business card site is a variation of a website consisting of one or several pages that contain basic information about the owner or organization. With the development of technology and the availability of web technologies, business card websites have become fashionable and emphasize the individuality of its owner. Sometimes used as a quality page-stub.

Today, in the time of the growing popularity of the internet, the growth rate of domains is half a million a year and this figure is growing. Of these, only 10% are large portals, other personal or business cards.

Examples of a business card siteThe picture illustrate examples of the service «Business card websites»

Who needs a business card site

The modern trend in the labor market is this: everyone wants to become an entrepreneur – an enterprising, energetic, purposeful aspiring businessman, the «engine» of progress. But after all, «how to name the ship, so it will float» – the same applies to business: in the form of small things do not happen, especially on the internet.

Now the usual business cards are gradually disappearing into the past. They are replaced with the development of technology came business card websites, which are much more informative, progressive and more spectacular than the traditional and conservative piece of paper.

Correspond to be perceived, because the persona on the internet is everything!

Benefits of a business card site

* Efficiency. Your individuality will be noticed and undoubtedly appreciated.

* Commercialization. With the help of the site, it is possible to use marketing tools.

* Promotion. Your site will be able to find potential customers.

* Progressiveness. The presence of a business card site speaks of you as a modern person.

* Relevance. Always actual information about contact information.

Why you should order a business card site from us

* Individual offers of implementation options

* Development in a modern and contemporary style

* Personal approach to site design

* Fulfillment of all recommendations set by the client

* Technical literacy of specialists

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