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What is an online store

Online store (or online shop) is a website, the main purpose of which is the placement on its pages of a catalog of goods and services with actual prices for the purpose of commercial activity. As a rule, such sites have algorithms that automate the pre-order process, choose the methods of delivery and payment.

Today, every self-respecting retail network for increasing sales has in addition to physical points of sale a fully automated online store. According to official statistics, the share of revenue for the most popular positions reaches 30% of the sales in physical points, which with a margin overlaps the content of the entire online store.

Examples of an online storeThe picture illustrate examples of the service «Online store»

Who needs an online store

The Internet was conceived as a revolutionary and convenient means for data exchange. This attracted with every day an increasing audience. But it was like this until the first commercial operation was concluded with the help of Internet resources. It was not a door, but a huge gate through which business came to the global network.

With each new deal, the mistrust of purchases via the Internet has collapsed, thereby investing in technology development. So the Internet was born, which we see now: widespread, multifunctional, convenient.

Sell wherever your target audience spends time!

Benefits of an online store

* Efficiency. Your tempting offers of goods and services will be noticed and appreciated.

* Commercialization. With the help of an online store you can fully use marketing tools.

* Promotion. Your site will be able to find potential buyers.

* Progressiveness. The presence of an online store speaks of the company as a reliable retailer.

* Relevance. Always actual information about products and services.

Why you should order an online store from us

* Individual offers of implementation options

* Development in a modern and contemporary style

* Personal approach to site design

* Fulfillment of all recommendations set by the client

* Technical literacy of specialists

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