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Our specialist will contact you and answer all questions.

FAQ – frequently asked questions

Here you will find answers to some typical questions that may arise before starting work:

  • In what programming languages do you create websites?
  • On the server side is PHP, and on the client side is JavaScript. Data storage uses both SQL and noSQL databases. Markup and styles are a bunch of HTML5 + CSS3. If you need a different programming language or technology that we do not use to solve the problem, then there is always an opportunity to engage third-party artists.

  • Do you create custom or sample websites?
  • Our philosophy is that there are no standard solutions for 100%, because sites are used by people who are individual in their requirements. And this means that all projects are developed for a specific customer, taking into account his individual wishes.
    Answering the question – we are only for custom websites.

  • How much does a modern website cost?
  • If you answer briefly, then the technical assignment will show. Why? Because the modern concept of a website is very abstract – for this, thanks to the development of web technologies. In addition, types of sites can be different: business card, presentation selling page, corporate website, online store, internet portal. Each has its own design / programming relation: some sites are 90% pure design, and some design is only 10% of the amount of work, where all the logic of the work is not visible to the user and is hidden on the server, but it allows the site to perform all the wishes of the client.
    In addition, every site owner wants to violate rules and templates to stand out from the competition – all this significantly affects the trends in web development and makes projects absolutely not typical.
    In order to specifically determine what the customer wants and how to implement it, you need to fill out the questionnaire and draft a technical task. It is this that helps the customer to figure out what he really wants and understand what it will cost.

  • My friend made himself a site for 1 day. Why do you have more time?
  • Here everything is simple – it depends on the requirements for the site. In our practice there were cases when the site was made a day, but it was for the unpretentious to many aspects of the customer, and there was a case when the web portal was developed six months, but it had complex logic and, in the end: a million lines of code and a gigabyte of content. There are always special cases, but they are not a measure for the rest.

  • I wrote to you that I need a website, and you started asking me a lot of questions instead of starting to work. Why?
  • The standard misconception of many customers is that the web site is a kind of boxed solution that will work as if by a magic wand as you intended, without any movement. This is far from true!
    In order to your thoughts and ideas, which are in your head to see and understand us, you must necessarily go through the stages of all orders: pre-order -> brief-questionnaire -> technical assignment. And only then you will get what you wanted, and we will not be ashamed of your work.

  • My site works well and has visitors. Why should I web-audit?
  • Audit, as a diagnosis – it has pre-emptive functions. He does not have to save the ship when he sinks
    Yes, and competitors do not slumber, and the tastes of the target audience are constantly changing – you may not notice how you are already being circumvented in the next bend, or that your regular visitors are leaving, so loyalty to you falls. This is all one of the bells, which should be determined in time.
    Audit is a safety net that will confirm that things are going as they seem.

  • I want to start promoting my site. How to choose the right promotion?
  • It all depends on two factors – the specifics of the website and your ambitions. It is at the intersection of these factors and there will be an answer.
    It is difficult to give a specific recommendation here – it's the right thing to apply all the techniques, but in different budgets, to determine where the ROI is greatest. It is on it and it is worthwhile to make the focus and budget.
    But on the other hand, completely ignoring the other channels of advancement is also wrong, because where you are absent your competitors ripen, to which you are allowed to become so, by abandoning other promotion techniques.

  • How long do I have to wait for the results of the promotion? I want to quickly press the old-timer.
  • If everything was so simple, the internet would turn into chaos and anarchy, where everyone could quickly appear on the market, be enriched and disappear in a moment. Fortunately, this is not so.
    In fact, promotion is building arguments that can convince search engines and users that you are not a "one-day company". And even if this happens, then you simply have to keep the bar of quality that you have propagated while promoting, otherwise with the current level of internet development, your reputation can be flooded not by competitors and ranting, but your target audience, which showed and told everyone, that you moved too early to the high level to which you were not ready. The recourse is "mountain sickness" and the impetuous path to the foot, where the second chance for a new ascent will be difficult for you to achieve.
    Therefore, in order to organize everything correctly, we need a strategy that will take into account everything. After all, any ascent occurs through halts, adaptation, making further decisions and further movement should be phased. In the promotion through the internet the same laws.
    Depending on the niche and the number of competitors, at least some result can be seen not earlier than in 2 weeks, but something stable in about 3 months. Remember, if your competitors do not advance, then you will easily and quickly get around them, but this occurs less and less.

  • We are not geographically near. How will we interact?
  • Modern technologies allow to erase borders, and all our services are directed to the Internet – and this means that all documents are in electronic form.
    All current work and organizational issues can be solved through the personal office of the client, via e-mail, via Skype, through the phone or any other popular communication channel.
    We are convinced that in the age of web technologies distance is not a barrier!

  • Why do we need advertising today ?! There is a promotion – it is more stable!
  • It is necessary to separate the specifics and purposes of advertisement and promotion. Promotion is a strategic event, the result of which will be visible only in the future, and advertisement is the target event that is necessary to solve the problem here and now.
    The best way to understand the difference between the two extremes is the example. Imagine that you have stale goods in the warehouse, which you need to sell off for a month. Which tool to choose in this case? Of course advertisement!
    Why? It can be started right now, managed depending on the speed of the sale of the warehouse and disabled at full implementation. And what about promotion? Only the first month you will make your way to the zone of visibility, then things will go well, you will quickly realize everything! But here there is a very important nuance - the promotion can not be stopped after a full sale! And it turns out that the number of disappointed in your site will grow all the time and this will negatively affect your site in the future.
    Here to you and the answer – advertisement is not just necessary, it is necessary, relevant and will remain so for a long time!

  • There are many advertising services. Which ones do you use?
  • First of all, we use the most popular and well-known Internet services to set up and contextual and banner advertisement: Yandex.Direct, Google AdWords and Rambler Begun.
    For targeted advertising: the most popular social services (VKontakte, Odnoklassniki, Facebook, Twitter, LiveJournal, Instagram, Pinterest and so on), as well as major specialized thematic Internet portals that the target audience visits.

  • What guarantees do you give when ordering advertising from you?
  • When ordering advertisement, there are three input parameters: budget, advertising period and conversion rate indicator. In each specific case, the corridor of the guaranteed indicator is calculated, which will be monitored. It should be noted that the concept of conversion directly depends on the integrity of the customer, the level of work of the personnel of primary contact with customers, and also the site. All this is taken into account when identifying a guaranteed corridor.

  • I am ready to transfer the maintenance of the web resource for outsourcing. Where to begin?
  • First, you need to evaluate which functions you yourself want to give to support, because they are all different from a strategic point of view. If for the first time you encountered the concepts of hosting and server, then write to us – we will gladly advise you and help you determine the amount of outsourcing.
    One of the most basic categories that you should understand: project support begins on an already operating web resource, support services are one-timer and periodic. One-timer – this is a situational and non-systemically appearing scope of work. Periodic – known and calendar-independent events.

  • Give support to others? Is it really safe?
  • Modern technologies allow you to configure restrictions on access control and manage this process. Also, no one canceled the backup.
    Well, and we hope, most importantly – even if we find loopholes in security systems and try to do something, first, it will immediately become noticeable, secondly, it will inevitably damage our reputation and lead to closure and, in the first place, Thirdly, it will be completely reversible.
    We think that all these arguments should guarantee complete security of outsourcing and the extremely unprofitable nature of the fraud, not to mention the moral and ethical side, which does not comply with our principles.

  • All the companies I work with do not have a corporate identity. Why did he need me?
  • Market relations did not come yesterday: in any niche you will have competitors – sometimes direct, sometimes indirect, but they will.
    And now imagine (with other things being equal) which of the companies looks more professional, the more advantageous is the one that took care of creating a unique corporate identity, or the rest, which differ only in name and legal address? What company will be able to remember in a month? Who will remain in the memory of decision makers, even if they can not win a specific tender, and who will be asked who participated?
    We think it's obvious.
    Of course, that it is not necessary to spend the entire budget for the corporate style – from office repairs to clothes to order, if you do not already have more important things. It is more reasonable to start with elements of primary contact with customers – correspondence and business cards, and only then gradually invest in corporate identity further.

  • My friend and I came up with the name for the site. Why should I order the development of the name from you?
  • Of course, many of us at least once in their lives came up with names for something, wrote quatrains, compositions, invented nicknames on the Internet and it should be noted that some of them had very good luck. But, as in all cases, there is always a but. This was most often done in youth, when we had plenty of time and minimum of responsibilities – nothing over us was not enough.
    Nobody says that you will not succeed - we even wish you success in this difficult occupation. However, it is always worth remembering that it is better to do business than the routine work that others perform systematically and professionally.