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Data processing
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Filling the website

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What is filling the website?

Filling the website is the process of preparing and submitting information to the existing structure of a working website. Examples of such works can be the cataloging of goods, downloading tabular data to a website, processing pictures or video for certain parameters, and much more.

Data actualization is the timely correction of information, correction of inaccuracies, making changes to the content on the pages of the web resource.

For 99% of users, the site, which has spelling and grammatical errors, loses credibility, which is a significant blow to the image of such web resources.

Examples of filling the websiteThe picture illustrate examples of the service «Filling the website»

Who needs filling the website

Real-life example: a firm of wholesale office supplies have noticed a dramatic and unpredictable reduction in sales volumes in one of the regions. After a long trial and the time, nerves and forces spent on it, it turned out that the whole fault was the irrelevance of several phone numbers for this region. This oversight cost the firm 9.13% of monthly revenue.

As you can see, there are no trifles in business: the sales manager in the region sent a notification about the change of phone numbers only to key customers, and everything remained the same on the site: there was no procedure for updating the information on the web resource.

Do not step on someone else's «rake»: with you only information – with us actualization!

Benefits of filling the website

* Promotion. Site without errors more like search engines and higher ranked.

* Authority. A web resource with correct, actual information looks more and more like visitors.

* Relevance. Information always reflects the current state of affairs and corresponds to the truth.

* Perspective. A competent resource is always a mirror of a professional team with ambitions.

* Customer-centricity. All visitors to the resource will see the current map of the journey, phone numbers and so on.

Why you should order filling the website from us

* Correcting obvious spelling and grammatical errors

* Possibility of filling the website in 24*7*365 mode

* Timely submission of information in accordance with the terms of reference

* Experience in automating partially non-systematic data

* Adapting changes to the service pages

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