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Posting data on websites

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What is a posting data?

Posting data on websites is the constant and regular addition of information (graphic, text, audio, video) to web pages.

Modern search engines that study the relevance of sites have found that useful web resources are updated on average 5.88 times a day. This reflects the level of competition and the speed of posting useful information.

And how often do you fill your site with useful content?

Examples of posting dataThe picture illustrate examples of the service «Posting data»

Who needs posting data

Search engine robots of Yandex and Google checks the web resources on average every week. And only for useful and often filled with content sites search robots come much more often – up to once in two hours.

Having determined that you really follow the website and constantly fill it with useful information and it «grows» with natural external links, search engines will be «happy» to show it to users. Only by gaining the trust of search engines you will get maximum loyalty and will be constantly in the TOP of issuance. Also, publications on other resources will help draw your attention from the users of other web resources.

Benefits of posting data

* Relevance. Always fresh and actual information on your resource.

* Customer-centricity. Encouraging visitors to a resource with useful content.

* Promotion. Search robots significantly rank useful content.

* Commercialization. Quality content is an effective marketing tool.

* Audience. Placement of information, including in the right social services.

Why you should order a posting data from us

* Timely publication of the provided content

* Adaptation of content for various services

* The ability to publish information in 24*7*365 mode

* The differentiation of content based on the place of publication

* Correcting obvious spelling and grammatical errors

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