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Technical support

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What is a technical support?

Technical support or administration of a website is a set of activities aimed at maintaining the web resource's operability, technical audit with identifying shortcomings and shortcomings, interaction with providers and technical advice of site owners.

The poll of the owners of web resources revealed that 90% of clients recognize that they save significant budgets by giving technical support to the website of a third-party organization, and they save time saved for business development, which significantly helps the organization grow.

Examples of technical supportThe picture illustrate examples of the service «Technical support»

Who needs technical support

Usually, after creating a website, owners prefer to maintain them independently. The reasons are different, but almost always this impulse ends in failure. The reason for organizing work on the principle: first the main job, and if there is time – to engage in a website.

When technical support is outsourced, all the forces can be thrown on the development of business and bypass not only direct competitors, but also develop a strategy – «how to become market leaders».

Keep the «hand on the pulse» of the site you need constantly and knowledgeable specialists. Trouble-free operation site – happy owners.

Benefits of technical support

* Filling data. Updating of information and posting of submitted materials

* Rework. Improvement, optimization and installation of useful options

* Competence. Interaction with the hosting provider and domain registrar

* Monitoring. Regular monitoring of resource availability

* Consultation. Technical consultation on the site and its development

Why you should order a technical support from us

* Work on the working capacity of the site in 24*7*365 mode

* Timely execution of the technical requirements of the resource owner

* Monitoring of market trends and offering best practices

* Providing detailed reports on the work done

* Customization based on practical experience

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