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Integrated promotion

What is the promotion and why does it need

You ask: «What is integrated promotion»? Surely everyone has friends who are trying to get rid of excess weight. And let's be honest: they rarely achieve their goals, as it is a daily, hard and laborious work, the fruits of which can be seen only in a few months. But everyone wants a quick result – now and then!

In the promotion of Internet projects: only having techniques, an integrated approach and dedication, you can get into the TOP-10 and bring your project to a new level, which will give a constant source of traffic and the success of your business. And your success is our main reward.

What types of promotion exist

1. Detailed web audit is necessary for every Internet project, even the most prosperous: informed – means armed.

2. Search engine marketing (SEM) will help you to truly declare yourself and really advance 100%.

3. Search engine optimization (SEO) will increase traffic to your site from search engines and will increase the ranking.

4. Social media marketing (SMM) declares you as a modern company that is always in a trend.

5. Social media optimization (SMO) makes it easier to share your pages with friends and promote.

6. Email marketing will provide you with the most loyal subscribers.

Our approach to promotion

If we talk about advancement on the internet, we can say with certainty only one thing: it does not happen much! After all, modern Internet users are constantly present at various resources and do not become your customers, because you are not going there. Believe us, often all successful projects are promoted mainly in the complex. Do you think that successful companies have chosen a comprehensive promotion, a coincidence?

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