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Web audit and analytics

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What is a web audit and analytics?

Audit is a detailed, complete analysis of the specified object and its processes for compliance with the requirements of users and Internet technologies systems for effective promotion in a given manner. First of all, audit is a basic and inalienable component, without which it is impossible to objectively evaluate and subsequently increase the capacity of your resources. Web audit types include technical audit, semantic core analysis and content analysis, usability audit, external factors analysis, target audience analysis. Full-scale audit is called complex.

Web audit is an extremely individual service, in which specific guidelines for action are given for your resource and situation, as well as specific stages of business processes.

Examples of web auditThe picture illustrate examples of the service «Web audit and analytics»

Who needs web audit and analytics

The internet has long been used for business. Even in the nicest niches, you will have at least 2-3 competitors, and in popular areas can reach more than 1000. At least 50% of your competitors constantly optimize their resources for a dynamically developing internet.

To be relevant in the market tomorrow, you need to have today a strategy for further development, which can provide a detailed audit, which will provide a comprehensive status quo and directives for further action.

Benefits of web audit and analytics

* Efficiency. Analysis of competitors in your niche.

* Usability. Development recommendations from the user's point of view.

* Search engine promotion. Recommendations for development in terms of search engines.

* Code analysis. Recommendations for development from the point of technical implementation.

* Marketing analysis. Recommendations for development from the point of marketing tools.

Why you should order a web audit and analytics from us

* Technical literacy of specialists

* Knowledge of the requirements of the leaders of search engines

* Specific recommendations for improving the resource

* Individuality in the ratio of recommendations for usability and search engine optimization

* Accent on key aspects set by the client

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