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Email marketing

AlterWEB – Our credo: regular letters - for amateurs, email-marketing - for gourmets
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What is an email marketing

Email marketing is a set of techniques for promoting goods and services by means of technologies offered by e-mail.

According to statistics, email marketing annually keeps the palm of the most effective online sales tool: 56.8% of all purchases were made through mail marketing.

Examples of email marketingThe picture illustrate examples of the service «Email marketing»

Who needs an email marketing

An ordinary Internet user checks his e-mail at least once a day, and the most progressive Internet users regularly on a daily basis. And let's be honest – not all letters we open and even more so read.

To achieve loyalty of your addressees and get the desired result is possible only with the use of verified promotion techniques. Only proven strategies for maintaining email newsletters will make your subscribers not only read the letters, but also take the necessary actions. But it is easy to achieve the opposite result!

Benefits of an email marketing

* Efficiency. The most effective sales tool.

* Target audience. Forming your own mailing databases.

* Workability. Automated work process.

* Non-ordinary. The ability to make unique offers to specific customers.

* Credibility. The recipients will start promoting you, recommending to their friends.

Why you should order an email marketing from us

* Well-established methods for collecting and segmenting the subscriber base

* Personal development of the promotion strategy in each individual case

* Analytics of intermediate results of promotion

* Development of individual corrective actions

* Development of the chain of dispatches in the concepts of story-telling

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