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Search engine optimization, SEO

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What is a search engine optimization?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the optimization of websites for search engines in order to increase the position of the site pages in the search engine rankings.

The popularity of search engines in internet users makes SEO the most long-term and relevant tool in promoting internet resources.

Examples of SEOThe picture illustrate examples of the service «Search engine optimization»

Who needs a search engine optimization

100% of the companies that are on the first place of organic search distribution use the services of SEO specialists, with only 1% of them being on the first place since the launch of the resource.

According to statistics, the first 3 places in the top I take 70% of users, which encourages the company to enter the top of the issuance and stay on top positions due to daily promotion.

Starting to promote your resource today in the future, you will significantly increase attendance and save on paid sources of advertising.

Benefits of a search engine optimization

* Long-term investments. By investing in SEO you will get a stable and effective result.

* Recognition. Being in the TOP-issue will increase the loyalty of users and will provide recognition.

* Return on investment. Professional SEO-promotion will make your investments profitable.

* Результативность. SEO-promotion will increase the attendance of your resource to the level of direct competitors.

* Юзабилити. Correct website optimization will help users find the right pages of your resource.

Why you should order a search engine optimization from us

* Proposal of specific promotion strategies

* Owning the basic methods of client-oriented marketing

* Individual approach in the method of promotion

* Control and audit of promotion results

* Monitoring of trends in the niche with the proposal of corrective measures

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