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Social media marketing, SMM

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What is a social media marketing

Social Media Marketing (SMM) is a set of activities to use social services as channels for promotion. The main focus in SMM is on content that users will distribute on their own.

Currently, more than 6 billion views per month are made by active users of social media, of which 2.3 billion are infotainment, the rest are commercial.

Examples of SMMThe picture illustrate examples of the service «Social media marketing»

Who needs a social media marketing

Most people consider social services entertainment resources, but with the right optimization of commercial content, it allows you to promote the business. 70% of modern companies are present in social media, but only 50% of them actively attract customers.

By choosing a promotion in social media you will get a powerful marketing tool working for your brand around the clock.

Benefits of a social media marketing

* Audience. Broad audience reach with the ability to differentiate by category.

* Replicability. The principle of dissemination of information in social media corresponds to a geometric progression.

* Long-time duration content. Quality content will have a positive effect all the time.

* Viral branding. A unique opportunity to build a brand in the shortest time possible.

* Communication. Ability to interact with the audience.

Why you should order a social media marketing from us

* Proposal of specific promotion strategies

* Owning the basic methods of client-oriented marketing

* Individual approach in the method of promotion

* Control and audit of promotion results

* Monitoring of trends in the niche with the proposal of corrective measures

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